The thing is . . .

, , , was going to be the title of this blog until I changed my mind. But I may still use it for editorial-y stuff.

The idea of this blog is to find a place for reviews and short essays. I thought it  would be an interesting idea to present reviews of books (mostly sf&F, but not always) which come my way and see how many I could put up over the next twelve months and what it showed about my reading. Then I realised that writing about everything I read would be not a pleasure but a chore (and I tend to re-read, so what to do about that?) plus I have at least one major research project on, which involves a hell of a lot of reading and re-reading, not all of which would be relevant to  this kind of blog (and the thing is, that  for those projects I’m writing,  I don’t always want to write again for the blog). So this is  going to be hobbyist material — stuff I’m reading because I want to and part of the pleasure is writing the quick summary of reaction and maybe —maybe coming back to things later.

Though, just to be awkward, reviews and short essays I’ve published in the past in places which may not be found by anyone who’s likely to see this blog may find there way here, just so I can give them another airing and/or a more permanent place. Just to keep up with the times, I’ll also post links to reviews I’ve published elsewhere on the Web, in Strange Horizons, for instance

Then of course, I had a kind of existential thing about blogging and the internet generally and delayed the whole thing. At the moment I feel that a lot of harm is being done on the internet, and my tolerance for idiocy is becoming shorter; so I am not going to look kindly on examples of contraventions of common  courtesy. And that is all I have to say on that subject, save that this is me, and I am not speaking on behalf of any organisations I am involved with.

So, slowly but surely material is going to appear. This is an experiment, and it is unfinished (more links and references to other blogs will appear), but bear with me.

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